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Open Communication Thread

Email capture, Task functions, and Client Requests are great. We like the captured conversation that can occur between us and our client using Client Requests. But we would love for the client to be able to start a conversation inside the Client Portal when there is no pending Engagement nor specific Task. Often the client will text us outside of Canopy on our business phones, then we set up a new Engagement/Task when needed to begin to capture conversations. But their initial text (and maybe important data) is never captured.

As a workaround, we create a new Task entitled "Open Communication Thread" and always leave it unarchived with a custom created "Always Active" status. The client now always has a way to message us outside of an email. We get notifications too. Sort of like a text thread. But this option clogs up our tasks lists.

Is there a way to add a misc dialog that operates like the Client Request but is not dependant on an open engagement/task? Perhaps it could have its own box on the client dashboard page at the top above the Tasks box.

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