Can clients fill this out?

Mr_SALTyMr_SALTy Posts: 5 ✭✭

Is there a way for clients to be able to fill out this information as part of an intake form? I would love to give clients an interactive intake questionnaire including a lot of this information.


  •[email protected] Posts: 97 admin


    We have had requests for this feature. I will make sure to add your request to the ticket in order to add priority to this feature request.

  •[email protected] Posts: 97 admin

    @Jena_Posey I will absolutely add your voice to my report! I send these requests directly to the project managers involved every week. Thank you for your addition on this request!

  • HAckermanHAckerman Posts: 5

    SAME. Send a PDF in an Engagement is so not the most streamlined way to do client intake.

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