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Integrated Calendar

Mr_SALTyMr_SALTy Posts: 7 ✭✭

Hi there,

I would love for clients to be able to schedule appointments via the Client Dashboard and for that to route to the time sheet as well.

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 admin

    Good morning!

    That is a great time-saving suggestion. I will go ahead and send this through to our product team.

    Thank you for your submission!

  • Wsinbad1Wsinbad1 Posts: 1

    This is a similar idea to what I have been thinking this tax season. If I could go into my calendar and set dates and times that I had open appointment and then clients could log into their portals and choose one of those open appointments to schedule it would save a ton of time on phone calls trying to schedule appointments.

  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 227 admin

    @Mr_SALTy @Wsinbad1 We have something like that on our roadmap (scheduler). We will be releasing a "client-facing appointment scheduler" (kind of like Calendly) later this year.

  • JGTaxProJGTaxPro Posts: 15

    Hopefully less like Calendly and more like Acuity Scheduling. In fact just use the API for Acuity and tie it in with Canopy.

  • pbtaxpbtax Posts: 10 ✭✭

    We currently use Calendly and like it but would LOVE to have it all integrated into Canopy!

    Just FYI, we require a $50 deposit at time of scheduling, need to be able to customize the confirmation emails as well as any auto-reminder emails, and have text reminders. We would need all of these options to switch to Canopy scheduling.

  • JGTaxProJGTaxPro Posts: 15

    Revisiting this idea and now more than ever we need a more integrated scheduler in Canopy. I recently implemented and Zapier to tie in Acuity Scheduling and Canopy which is working quite well but now it's another "thing" I have to add and manage in my tech stack. An integrated scheduling system 'a la' Acuity Scheduling or Calendly would be a welcomed improvement.

  • TaxDivaTaxDiva Posts: 65 ✭✭✭

    My boss loves his iCloud calendar. I’m having to input all our appts into both canopy &icloud. If in fact we are able to get clients to set up appointments can we have it show on the iCloud calendar. I’ve tried to get him to switch & he doesn’t like the google calendar. I even created a gmail account so he would use it. I set up all our appointments & it’s frustrating having to do it twice & also going back & fourth with the client to find the right day. If they do it through canopy then it would block off times & or dates that aren’t available. That would cut back on the many emails /calls.

    We have a main office but he has clients that he sees at two there locations or makes house calls. It would also be nice if the client sets up their own appointments they can say which location. Or we can select a location.

    For ex :he does Th & Fri at his house so we block those days & know which clients go there (I set up tags so we now)
    Wednesday we do our meetings so we block that day for no appointments.

    It would be also nice if the appointments show in their actual portal for both of us to see. I still have clients verify by email or phone even if I sent them a calendar invite through canopy. They won’t look it up in their email or put it as a reminder. Our clients are very needy & need hand holding. We want it as effortless as possible

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