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ScottScott Posts: 1

I'm finding it very difficult to work with files in Canopy. Particularly when I need to search, or edit a document. Now I have to download, edit, upload, deal with multiple versions, etc... Is there any integration with Office 365, or local file sync capability on the roadmap?



  • Hello Scott!

    I haven't heard of these integrations as part of the road map, but I do know that we are continuously working on improving the files section.

    The issue of downloading and uploading is particularly painful for many practitioners.

    I have created a feature request for you regarding these integrations and the process of download, edit, upload, etc.

    Thank you for your submission

  • brielle_ptaxesbrielle_ptaxes Posts: 22 ✭✭

    i completely agree with this! if we had this functionality i could totally integrate myself with canopy. as it is now i work outside of canopy then archive the one already in there and upload the new one.

  • tkcpatkcpa Posts: 2

    Agree. This is desperately needed. A Quick fix would be a WebDav read/write access virtual drive. Preferably though would be MS office add-ins and Adobe add ins that allow for saving edits to Canopy. Most DMS systems offer this.

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