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Generic List of IMPORTANT WEBSITES, PHONE NO., etc. Accessible By All The Team Members


It will be good to have a place on the portal where we can save IMPORTANT WEBSITE LINKS ** (just like the current tool **LINKS) and PHONE NO. (example: IRS, Local State, County, City office/services) with a data field where we can add a note/instruction for when and how to use that item.
EXAMPLE: Yesterday I called the IRS and was not sure which option to pick from their auto-attendant messages for my particular question. After 30 minutes on a recording when the agent answered my call, he told me to use a different option for my question so I had to start the entire process again and was able to talk to someone after 45 additional minutes on hold.
If we had an option like what I am requesting, we can add all such instructions and it could save lots of time for me and my team members in the future.

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