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Organizing your task by type of work, to work on them at the same time

John_Damous Transforming problems into 3D solutionsPosts: 107 ✭✭✭✭
Having a schedule of similar work is reducing the amount of time spent to a job.

How about adding tags to a task to identify all similar jobs, to work on all of them at one time?

-Let say i need to call the IRS to check on refund status or about a notice received by my client, I would tag "CALL IRS" will take care of them with one phone call to the IRS.
- Another example, If i need to review some letters my client received from the IRS, i would create a task for each client and then tag "review letter" to review all of the letters.
- another one, if you want to work on some type of tax returns, but only the simple ones. I will create a task for each job and then tag "1040 SIMPLE", and i will then work on all of these returns at the same time.

What i did alternative, I created a new contact named "CALL IRS" and added this contact to all tasks where i need to call up the IRS, and i will look on that contact to look up all related tasks to call the IRS. Its a workaround but it can also mess up.

Please give you vote and let this keep going. Thanks
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