If you have a recommendation for Canopy, please create that discussion in the Ideation category. We will be able to give better feedback with status changes and comments regarding the decisions made. It will also allow individuals to actually "upvote" the ideas they like.

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to our newest members from last week. We are stoked you are here:

@Hazel @Ashley @Angela @smankow @hsatterley @K_Johnson @Nathan_B @Robena @Accurate_Books20 @Greg @Qamar @Balanced_ATM

For our new folks, please be aware of the following:

  1. We give points and badges (which also give points) to individuals for their participation (including posting thoughts, up-voting ideas, putting a picture on your account, etc). These points lead to rankings that provide additional benefits.
  • We generally send a little swag to our Silver, Gold, and Platinum members (because everyone loves...stuff)
  • We offer special events for our Silver, Gold, and Platinum members
  1. We primarily (at this time) use the community as an ideation platform to share what is really needed by our users. You will notice the ability to upvote an idea. As ideas get a lot of votes, this indicates the idea needs to be shared with the product team for placement on the roadmap. While we encourage discussion and color commentary in the thread (under the primary idea), the upvote count is what drives the selection for product team sharing.

Also, make sure to get your spot for the Canopy First Look webinar.


That's about it!!! The more you participate, the quicker you get higher rankings!

Looking forward to great discussions and ideas.