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Canopy First Look is an exciting, customer-focused webinar designed to give our users an inside look at Canopy’s latest features as well as sneak peeks of the future-state Canopy’s team is building. Register at the following link:



  • JohnThrives
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    Looking forward to the sneak peeks!
  • JohnThrives
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    Looking forward to Canopy Second Look Product Releases.
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    The First look was very exciting!
    TIME: i am curious on thoughts how we all expect to get our team in the habit to start tracking time? i am very curious to see how long we spend waiting on a client versus actively working on a task. this would be very valuable as a team leader but it definitely requires buy-in. (i really want to see thoughts on this)
    - we will also need to be able to "Pause" a task, and what if i am working on multiple clients at the same time?
    seriously i do this- probably 4 at a time, i feel like clicking back and forth would be crazy.

    PRODUCTIVITY/PROJECTS: i would love to be able to filter by team member- what are my projects? what is the productivity of Resolution team, Payroll, Bookkeeping, ect i am happy to hear that this is on the list.

    LETTERS: Merge fields=this really makes the NOTICES work, we can finally create a workflow that works! YAY thank you guys!

    TASK TEMPLATES: These are wonderful! i see that you ripped off my bookkeeping and payroll templates- lovely!