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Tasks Management

It would be more helpful if the task list had more organization options.

I'd love to be able to filter the task list to view parent tasks only, view all tasks by client or engagement, filter by assignee, and see them in kanban or calendar format. As of now, the tasks list is driven by due dates, which is not always how we have to prioritize our deliverables as things are often discovered while work is in progress and adjustments have to be made.

If we use task templates for recurring services, it also does not clearly identify which fiscal period we have outstanding items on. For example, we have a client that opened new accounts without telling us so we have not closed out May, but work for June is already in progress. Being able to duplicate a task without making it a template for a specific client who has additional accounting needs than the standard workflow. This is helpful for our foodservice clients who have multiple point-of-sale systems or locations.

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