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Add balloons to dashboard icons to show the total and manage updated jobs

John_Damous Transforming problems into 3D solutionsPosts: 107 ✭✭✭✭

The notification window is very good to manage changes in one window. When it comes in the middle of working with other tasks and there is no extra time to review the notification, it would be a great idea to add balloons to the dashboard icons indicating background changes in the canopy. Each team member should be given the capability to set what total the ballon should show.
1. TASK: set ballon to show a TOTAL of: New added task today / All open task / task due today / past due task
2. FILES: set ballon to show a TOTAL of: All file received form client on portal / Files scanned but not yet save to clients file
3. TIME: set ballon to show a TOTAL of: finished jobs but not yet invoiced to client / open timer not yet finished
4. BILLING: set ballon to show a TOTAL of: All open invoices / past due invoices /
5. PAYMENTS set ballon to show a TOTAL of: new payments received.

I just tried to figure out what the canopy user wishes to see, please add you comments to make this request a completed feature

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