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Sync with Gmail AND Outlook calendars with different colors

DanaL Posts: 8 ✭✭

I want to be able to sync my personal Gmail calendar AND my work Outlook calendar. I am having trouble getting outlook to share with gmail. My bookings page with office 365 goes to my outlook calendar so then I am blocking out time if I have personal appts in my gmail. Therefore for now, syncing with outlook makes the most sense. totally open to better no cost solutions! 😊

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  • Joel
    Joel Posts: 1

    This feature is extremely important to our firm as the ability to schedule our appointments in conjunction with our tasks allows us to infinitely better manage our time! This feature alone would bring your CRM functions up to where it needs to be to allow for seamless integration with our mail system.

  • Sara
    Sara Posts: 2

    This is something we've been requesting for a while. It makes so much more sense to sync tasks to events in Outlook or G-Mail, otherwise how are we going to schedule the time in a day? This is particularly important when there are other aspects to keep track of, such as employee vacation time, appointments, etc. We stopped using tasks in Canopy altogether because it was so difficult to keep up with the current system, and tasks were one of the bigger selling points for us.

  • TaxDiva
    TaxDiva Posts: 84 ✭✭✭

    And icloud PLEASE!! WE all have ipads, macs & iphones at my company. Frustrating to have to add to two different calendars & check two separate email.

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