Are there any sample templates for task setup for 1040, bookkeeping, etc.

I am new to the software and having difficulty figuring out the due date area in order to have the workflow pass to the next assignee and have reminders. It would be great to have a basic template to work from so everyone doesn't have to reinvent the wheel.


  • Jena_PoseyJena_Posey Posts: 10

    We have created a tax preparation template that utilizes the relative date functionality in the task creation. We set up the "parent task" and then add all subtasks. We pre-assign the subtasks and add the relative dates based on the completion of a previous subtask. We have found the relative dates to be very helpful with managing workflow and ensuring that tasks do not go unassigned or without a due date. We have templates set up per preparer so they are unique and may have different assignees (admin) throughout the process. We have also set up template bookkeeping tasks. We set them up for the year (2019 Bookkeeping) and have each month as a sub-task with a due date. We update this on an annual basis. You add reminders by clicking on "add tool" in the create and manage area of the task. Hope this helps!!

  • Beth_DaviesBeth_Davies Posts: 3

    Thanks. I appreciate it.

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