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Be able to see client names with tasks

nickelnm Posts: 2

When you on the home page of tasks assigned to Person A (me). I have a list of past due, current week, upcoming. I may have a task named as Tax Preparation and I may have 6 clients with that same task. Unless I NAME the task with the client's name there is no way to see from the overview of outstanding tasks page WHICH client a specific task is assigned to.

My suggestion: Add a column that shows the client to whom the task is assigned.

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The author figured out solution for idea.


  • nickelnm
    nickelnm Posts: 2

    And just like that I figured out how to what what I am suggesting :)

  • HJeffrey
    HJeffrey Posts: 3

    I was just coming here to suggest this - what solution did you come up with?

  • Crofty
    Crofty Posts: 11

    I suggest allowing fields from the main task be allowing to be displayed with fields from sub tasks to allow the client name and other information from the main task to be displayed with sub task information. Yes you can name each subtask with the clients name as part of he name of the subtask, but that causes other issues such as filtering on common names of subtasks. If the subtask includes the clients name, I can’t easily filter on a task name, for example, Tax Return Preparation, because each would include the client’ name.