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Email Integration

NickNick Posts: 13 ✭✭
edited May 20 in Communications

Is there a way to have my email from Office 365 appear in my dashboard, similar to Karbon or Intuit Practice Management?
It would be nice to have the email pop up, and tag that communication directly into a specific task, in conjunction with being able to see ALL of the client emails in the communications tab.

For instance, being able to flag the email below and create a task for me to follow up with her today or tomorrow, directly from that email. https://proconnect.intuit.com/practice-management/

I have an image to reference what I am talking about, but I cannot find a place to upload it.

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  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 227 admin

    @Nick you should be able to drag and drop files and/or copy and paste screenshots into this comment box. Let me know if that doesn't work. Thanks

  • NickNick Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Hi @jeffrey.mcneal I was not able to drag and drop. Can I email it to you? Or is there a better way to do this? Thanks!

  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 227 admin

    @Nick OK. I've had discussions before, thinking it was available to everyone. It appears it is just an admin functionality. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 227 admin

    From @Nick If there is an existing task associated with this client, it would be nice to include the email in that task.

    For instance, we create 2019 1040 tasks associated with all of our clients, once they sign their engagement letter, so having the capability to direct an email from a client pertaining to 2019 1040 questions we asked them and put it to the 2019 1040 task would be awesome. It would be similar to printing an email from a client and placing it in their hard 2019 1040 folder.

    Also it would be nice to be able to have a widget in Canopy to lay on top of office 365 where we can read emails, direct emails to our internal team, and direct emails to specific tasks. Kind of like creating a task in office 365, or flagging an email. Another example would belike Karbon or intuit practice management.

  • vanessasanchezvanessasanchez Posts: 9

    Yes, Im thinking of Switching to Intuit Practice management because of the email integration, creating a task from email and conversing between teamates before responding.

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