Statutory Employee

My client is an insurance agent, receives a W-2 w/ no FIT or SIT deducted, and files a Sch C w/ same income as gross receipts (commissions). How should he complete a client survey that asks for his income (as though he were a W-2 employee) and also his SE income? As of right now we are double counting when figures go to complete IRS forms.


  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 71 admin

    Interesting situation. I would probably complete the survey as follows: In section 3, I would select both for wage and self-employed. Then, within the W2/employer section just list the information of the employer (name, address, etc). Moving to section 5 of the survey (self-employed) that is where I would place all financial information that mimics his schedule C.

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