If you have a recommendation for Canopy, please create that discussion in the Ideation category. We will be able to give better feedback with status changes and comments regarding the decisions made. It will also allow individuals to actually "upvote" the ideas they like.

How to get your idea sent to the product team

Good morning everyone.

Quick reminder (or new info for those just joining us) on how to get your ideas to the product team. If you will notice, there is a box with a little arrow that allows people to "up-vote" suggestions. We have implemented this type of ideation process, as we have received TONS of ideas. Obviously we cannot implement all the suggestions that have been posted so those ideas with the highest "up-vote" count will be turned over to the product team on a monthly basis.

I still encourage discussions on the various suggestions, but to gain traction, make sure to vote!

Here is an example of an idea submitted last month:


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