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Bookkeeping Best Practices

brielle_ptaxesbrielle_ptaxes Chief HelperPosts: 68 ✭✭✭✭

We use the Practice Management module for our Bookkeeping service offering. Over the last 3-4 years, (how long have we been using canopy?) we have put together some of our best practices for using the Practice Management module, i would love to hear what others do that may be even better.
This is specific to Bookkeeping and Payroll services only and not the procedures used in our Tax Prep or Tax Resolution Departments.
Canopy Templates and Customization
1. Email - we have a custom email for new clients welcoming them to the portal and one for W9 requests
2. Folders- custom folder set up for Bookkeeping Only; Payroll Only; Bookkeeping and Payroll
3. Letters- Bank login request, Engagement Letter, How to use your client portal
4. Messages- Missing details request
5. Custom Services- Bookkeeping; Payroll Administration; End of the Year Box; End of the Year Forms- these all include the descriptions that are identical to our billing/ invoicing and describe a perpetual or one time duration depending on the service. these are set up for use in the Engagement.
6. Tasks-Monthly Reconciliation w Logins(recurring); Monthly Reconciliation Paper(recurring); New Payroll Client setup- this one is assigned so that the payroll ladies get a heads up to set up the proper recurring tasks for the payroll frequency

Tags- man, we have had a lot of trial and error with tags! These are the ones that we use that truly do help us (love to hear your experiences) We have tags for each of our initials; because, you cant sort by contact owner,yet, our default contact view is set to our tag. There is a tag for each service offering ie. Bookkeeping, Payroll, and for major status changes like Inactive, NewYYYY, Terminated. We have one for "Church" since that isn't an available business type. one for Logins, so i can send reminders to our paper people. i have one tag for several clients wee are all in the same Mastermind group because they like their reports a certain way.

ok now for procedures.
when creating an new client we use a checklist to help us with our internal procedures but i'll focus on the canopy side here and not the billing side (we currently use bill.com) or the software side (we use QuickBooks and Drake Accounting).
1. Create new Company Client and apply folder structure template
3. Scan the contract in, add to client Agreements folder
4. Create Engagement and initial tasks
5. send client invitation

Day to day:
we have our individual home default to the Contact List and to our personal "My Groups" based on our initials tag (above)
we then can work through our assigned clients or tasks as we prefer.

how do you use Canopy for your Bookkeeping services?


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