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Canopy Client Portal Mobile Updates

We are excited to announce the latest release of Canopy Client Portal which includes a ton of cleanup and document scanning on Android:

  • Document scanning to PDF on Android (both apps now have scanning)
  • Changed scan button to be "Scan with camera" because we believe it will make more sense to users
  • Canopy Payments can now be made in the app via authenticated webview into the Client Portal (just like Organizer and Survey)
  • Files area re-design so it looks the same as the other tabs
  • New file indicator was changed for clarity
  • A few UX tweaks were made to eSign
  • Applied iOS 13 style modals on iOS
  • Android can print PDF's

These updates should be available now in iTunes (1.1.2) and shortly in the Play Store (1.1.1).

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