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Completed Tasks Need Date Stamp

DeluciaCoDeluciaCo Posts: 11 ✭✭

It would be very helpful for workflow, to be able to see when a task was marked as completed.

Example: I have a workflow set up for a repeating process I do that involves making a doc, emailing it to the client, following up to get the signed copy, and sending the signed copy into the appropriate authority.

Right now, if I just check the task without making a note, there's no info to reference when I'm looking back at the overview of this process if I need to catch myself without exiting Canopy and looking at outside resources (fax, email, etc).

If there was a little date indicated next to the completed (sub)task when looking at the full overview of the task, that would be greatly beneficial.

Thank you!

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Submitted to the product team as part of April's top requested suggestions.


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