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different features

TaxDivaTaxDiva Posts: 64 ✭✭✭

I have an email service (Front) that syncs all my teammates work emails. I'm in charge of going through mine & my bosses. That is a separate service I have to log into. I would love it if I can incorporate some of those features into canopy.

I love canopy it's just time consuming trying to go into different windows.

Mine & my bosses emails 3 different account sync to (Front) Team inboxes so we can make notes about a client within the email but only teammates can see instead of clicking back & fourth from the notes to see how to respond to an email. All I do is @Denise & I put the notes that go with the email. It also helps to say I responded, took care, etc

Instant message(Slack/gmail)- asking a quick question while working on a client

Icloud calendar (my boss only likes his) I am responsible for putting it on the calendar for the clients (canopy) & his icloud so Alexa can tell him every morning his appointments. Double work for me & I run the risk of accidentally putting the wrong date or time.

Old scanning system (Efile Cabinet) where my scanner filters into canopy (i'm saving them in efile cabinet then I have to log into canopy & drag & drop. When a client scans their documents upside down we are able to just click the rotate button we have to open a separate window.

QuickBooks to do our billing( we send them a link & they can pay online)

Tax software (Proseries/ProConnect/Link) because you don't have the states available yet
Pay-by-Refund in feature Proconnect
Link- Sends document requests & checklists that the client can upload what they have & it uploads under the specific document name so it's easy to find ie. w-2, 1099 etc. They don't have to call or email & ask what they need they have the list & it shows the process of how many documents have been uploaded & the process.

Similar to the engagement but the check list/ document request is all ready set up in the tax software. I made my own check list but it's a hassle to do separate steps, setting up the engagement, click & requesting each document for then having to go back in for each one to say its complete. Then also setting up a task. We have 600 clients that I have to do this for. That doesn't include on boarding clients, taking time to walk them through when they have issues not being able to log in or do something within Canopy. I still have to enter their taxes on the separate tax website.

It would be easier to have some of these things in canopy because we are paying for at least 5 different system & we are a very small company.

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