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Organizer Pertaining to Spouse

KellyKelly Posts: 29 ✭✭✭

I have implemented using the Organizer this year and while it is functional, I feel there is room for improvement. The most perplexing issue for me is the way the organizer handles (or actually doesn't) the spouse. If I have the primary taxpayer set up as a "Client", and then create an "Other" contact for the spouse (and the spouse is recognized as such in the client information window) why isn't the spouse information filled in on the organizer?

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  • JGTaxProJGTaxPro Posts: 15

    Thanks for requesting this feature. I agree with everything you said and would like to add onto it. There should be a way to connect all the 'contacts' in Canopy that are connected or would be connected in the tax return from the very beginning so that when the tax organizer is sent to the client as much info as possible if pre-populated making the burden of filling it out less and relegated to just reviewing it and changing outdated info.

    A way I envision this is when I onboard a client into Canopy I setup whatever spouse is usually listed first in their tax return as the client in Canopy and the person that is listed as the spouse on the tax return I set them up as the spouse contact in Canopy.

    This feature would greatly enhance both sides of the business process. It would make it easier for the user to fill out their organizer with little time involvement and then back at the office. The organizer should be a shared document between both the Canopy client and their spouse. So that either or can fill it out without duplicating efforts.

  • KellyKelly Posts: 29 ✭✭✭
  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 207 admin

    @Kelly @JGTaxPro I've shared this thread with our product team

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