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mdco78mdco78 Posts: 3

Home page gives a breakdown of tasks overdue, due this week, due in the future etc. These are in blue. It would be nice to have a hyperlink to view those tasks that grouped.


  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 132 admin

    @mdco78 I've shared your recommendation with the product manager.

  • JGTaxProJGTaxPro Posts: 8

    I second this request. I would expect hovering over the chart or clicking on any of the columns on the chart would display the details below the chart at a minimum.

  • JGTaxProJGTaxPro Posts: 8

    On my homepage dashboard there are several blue columns and a couple of yellow columns. I have to 'hunt' in Canopy to see what these overdue items are. It also doesn't specify what is overdue. It could be a task, engagement, client task. I just don't know and have to go research what is overdue by a process of elimination. Additionally, the area below the chart says "You're on fire. You've completed all assigned tasks." This of course may be true but is confusing since there's a chart right above stating things are overdue. Please fix this is or enhance the feature.

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