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Make Tags More Functional

DeluciaCo Posts: 11 ✭✭
edited January 2020 in Software Ideation

Tags are great, but not as helpful as they could be.

1) If on a client's contact "home" page, when I scroll down to see which tags are associated with the client, if I click on a tag, it should take me to a list of all clients with that tag.

2) There should be a way to save search criteria as a link, like https://app.canopytax.com/#/clients?tag= ... The goal here being that they could be saved to https://app.canopytax.com/#/home/overview under links. Or better yet, added to this dashboard for each firm.

3) Or make it so groups can be applied to everyone in the firm, having to set up groups on each user's account is very time consuming and open to human error. :(

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