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Duplicate Engagements (Copy for Next Year) + Requests to be able to assign to TEAM

TatianaTTatianaT Posts: 4
edited January 28 in Engagements

I would love to go 100% paperless. To do that I need: Engagement requests to serve as workpapers - they are numbered (in order of tax return). I want to be able to do several things:

  • Select some requests to send to internal team only OR keep them as active but not send to clients
  • I want to be able to DUPLICATE engagements for the same client so that for 2021 season i can copy items we requested, clean up and done - send.
  • I want to be able to manage notifications for requests. For example: My admin sent requests - and clients got an email for each request - and then again when my admin changed the status of that request too... That overwhelmed clients.
  • Bulk create engagements would be nice
  • When creating clients requests, Draft and Send wouldnt be the only 2 options, one more option is needed: create but dont send.

The goal is: to have all items we need listed in order, all to be active, some the clients wouldnt at all get notifications (like internal summary) but our team will see it. Client related - when sent - email to be sent to client.

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