American opportunity Credit

  • Client had three dependents in college in 2015.
  • In 2015 only two of the dependents qualified for the American Opportunity Credit, but 3 were claimed on the return.
  • The IRS disallowed the credits for all 3 of the dependents instead of only disallowing the credit for the one student who was who was not entitled to the credit.

Question: How do I resolve this issue using the Canopy platform?


  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 50 admin

    I would dispute the IRS's position with documentation of college attendance. I would include items such as the form 1098-T (which should be enough), transcripts, and any other supporting documentation.
    Regarding how the Canopy platform can assist: generally, the IRS will send you correspondence advising of their position (perhaps a CP2000). We offer the "Notices" tool within Canopy that helps guide you through the interaction and response letter. More than anything is just ensuring that documentation is provided to the IRS to support your statements.

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