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Client Requests vs. Sub Tasks

Glenn_CarlsonGlenn_Carlson Posts: 2
edited January 27 in Tasks

I would suggest that Client Requests not be automatically endowed with the same attributes as Tasks/subtasks.

Problem is if you create client requests (say 2 requests asking for missing data) and then these requests are completed by the client then if/when I change the status of the requests to "completed" (and once all requests are completed) this changes the status of the MAIN TASK to "completed" as well.

Just having clients answer all requests should not change the main task status as if requests were full and complete subtasks. I may need to send another request. I can reset the main task status but that is a step we shouldnt have to make (and my due date is a relative date set to setting the main task status to In Progress).

I called today and found a work around by adding a subtask that is just left open until I'm done but that is an extra step we shouldnt need to make.

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