Offer In Compromise w/ Estranged Spouse

I am writing my first OIC. This client is still legally married to his wife, though they have not lived together for years and she is in another state and the relationship is not amicable. So in Canopy I show him as being married on the 433-A(OIC) and give her information. But I don't want to show her as a member of the household or anything for income or expense calculations. But Canopy seems to be doing this and I don't see an option to change it. How do I address this? Also, getting her to sign the 433-A(OIC) or anything else is going to be a problem. How should I handle that?


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    That is a tough one. You may want to list her as a non-liable spouse. If that is the case, it will not include her income or assets on the paperwork. As far as her actual income, you would leave that at zero (or just check that the spouse does not have income). From the client survey:

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    Thanks! Another Q related to the same client. He has a live in girlfriend and they have a daughter together. She makes a little money to contribute but not much (less than he will get credit for supporting her). He does not want to list her at all (understandably he wants to keep her out of his mess). Is it possible to just leave her off as a member of the household? It will be to his detriment, I think. But I know the forms are filed under penalty of perjury so I am not sure how much of a choice we have.

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    Since there is some income, she would need to be added to the survey (probably as a non-liable "other" aka roommate).

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