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Task List View Clean-up

NSMerrickNSMerrick Posts: 7 ✭✭

There seems to be a lot of clutter with tasks and sub-tasks and how they appear. I've created 6-7 tasks for returns and I have a massive list of tasks in my task list. Short of always going in and selecting the parent tasks in in the filters we see every task and sub task.

More annoying is that when a task is created the parent task stays on everyone's task list until the parent is completed. I feel that a better work flow and less cluttered work flow would have the parent task only show up on whoever the current sub-task is assigned to. This would "pass" the parent task around and only show up on someones task list when it's their turn to complete the sub-task.

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  • SassyRatSassyRat Posts: 1

    YES!!! I have such a hard time looking at the dashboard with all the subtasks floating around. Can we organize the Task list by clients? For example, when we go to the dashboard, there will only show the client's name, and only show the list of the parent tasks related to that client indented, with the option to drop down on the parent tasks and view the subtasks. Or show the current step of the subtasks in the same line as the parent tasks.

    Or my other suggestion would be to be able to make an engagement template where we can attach tasks to the Engagement, so in the dashboard, we will only see which engagement are CURRENTLY OPEN.

    It's a clutter trying to sort through the tasks list in the current canopy dashboard! I have to export it to excel and organize it that way, which adds more time to management my practice. But I love Canopy, hope you guys can make the improvement!!

  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 207 admin

    @NSMerrick @SassyRat I have forwarded your suggestions to the appropriate product manager

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