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Create Custom Forms/Surveys

It would be amazing to be able to create our own surveys for clients. We use Canopy for our bookkeeping practice, not taxes so the tax organizer is cool, but not really helpful for us. But I feel like this feature would also benefit tax practices!

We could use custom surveys for onboarding new clients to get all of their info such as business entity, address, phone, EIN, etc., or even sending out feedback surveys 1-2 times a year to see if our clients are happy or if there's something we can improve on.

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  • Joelle_TJoelle_T Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I agree! I love the new organizer feature, but it would be very helpful to 1) be able to add our own questions to the survey and 2) be able to create our own client surveys from scratch. Right now, for clients who need more detailed organizers, client intake and due diligence questionnaires, and other information requests, we have to upload a pdf and send to the client who has to download the pdf to his/computer, fill it out, save it and then upload it back to the portal. Either allowing fillable forms to save within the program or allowing us to create forms/questionnaire/surveys like the current organizer survey would be a huge help!

  • KleinmeyerKleinmeyer Posts: 2

    I would be happy if we could do this as well. I get a lot of clients that start as payroll clients, then add other services later on. It will be nice if I could send them a Client Survey requesting the info I need to get their payroll service started, then an updated on in the future requesting the other info if they add on other services.

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