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Filter Tasks


Looking for the ability to type in a filter for task name and have it auto-select the results (like in excel). Right now, we have to manually select each result. Exporting to excel each time is not realistic. Please help with this feature!

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  • ShannonShannon Posts: 2

    This would be amazing!

  • JGTaxProJGTaxPro Posts: 15

    It sounds like you are heavy task user or creator. If this feature is added then it seems like it would involve a high degree of management to know exactly what you called task so that when you begin typing in the search field it automatically selects the right one.

  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 207 admin

    @GGCPAs @Shannon @JGTaxPro I've shared this thread with our product team.

  • PSandsPSands Posts: 2

    Being able to filter tasks on the client page like we are able to do on the main task page would be great. My tasks have many subtasks, and I'd like to be able to just see the main task with the sub button (4/9) showing how many of the subtasks are complete. Having all the subtasks show up on the client page makes it too difficult to get a good overview of how to prioritize. Filtering by due date would be great, too, then I could easily prioritize. Seems like if you're able to do it on the main task bar, should be an easy add to the client bar. But then again - not my wheel house.

  • jeffrey.mcnealjeffrey.mcneal Posts: 207 admin

    @PSands Make sure to "upvote" (in the yellowish box) any suggestions you like. The ideas that get the most votes will be pushed to our product team as they are the most "in demand".

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