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Hiding the billing tab in the client portal

JodyJody Posts: 4

I do not know how much demand there would be for this, but I would like to be able to hide the billing tab from my clients, especially if I am not billing through Canopy. It may create confusion for the client, if they look there and see no invoice.

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  • AshCreekTaxAshCreekTax Posts: 5

    I agree. I do not use Canopy for billing, but do use the timer. One of my clients did get confused about this.

  • The billing tab used to stay invisible if there were no invoices. Something has changed and the Billing tab is visible now whether there is an invoice present or not. Our firm does not chose to bill using Canopy. It WILL create confusion because the client portal will show there is no outstanding balance yet I may be potentially be hounding someone for an overdue invoice through other accounting software.

  • brielle_ptaxesbrielle_ptaxes Posts: 51 mod

    i agree that this is confusing while we are using a separate billing software waiting for canopy to catch up.

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