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Fixed Fee Invoices

tkcpatkcpa Posts: 2

I would like the ability to select time to bill and have it rolled up into a fixed fee engagement. For this invoice template I would only need a description filed and the amount. Canopy e-books discuss fixed fee billing, so I thought it would be easy in the platform.

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 admin

    @tkcpa I've let the product manager know of your request.


    Yes, this would be an excellent feature and is very much needed!

  • TJohnsonTJohnson Posts: 4

    This is the way the accounting industry is (and has been) going. I am looking at the billing system for the first time and am disappointed with the invoice itself and will probably keep using Thomson Reuters Practice for the time being. Almost all of our billing is done via fixed pricing at this point and including hours and rates just confuses things. Thank you!

  • JGTaxProJGTaxPro Posts: 17

    There should be the option to choose time-based billing or fixed fee pricing depending on the service provided. I should be able to enter a fixed price for a standard service that I have setup in Canopy and then it automatically builds the invoice based on the engagements that and services I select for the engagement.

  • Alex_CurtisAlex_Curtis Posts: 3

    Amen, it just needs to happen. We cannot use the billing tools efficiently in Canopy until fixed fee is available. This is INDUSTRY STANDARD!!! Meaning, Canopy is behind the curve on this. PLEASE make this available. To anyone not using fixed fee displays (even if billed hourly) you will find far fewer client complaints because they don't see an hourly rate, just the total charged for the service. Amazing increase in client satisfaction and significantly reduced billing resolution investment.

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