Did you know? Travel and Meals.

Here's a fun fact that some might not know.

You can use the GSA Per Diem Rates for Travel Meals WITHOUT keeping receipts.

It works like a standard deduction and here's how it works.

You ask the client where they went and for how many days. If you really want to get technical, ask what times they left and came back (yes, it'll help). Go to GSA.GOV and look up the MEI (Meals, Entertainment and Incidentals) for that city.

You'll see the MEI Rate for that city and there are also partial rates for each meal and a Half-Day Rate. The Half-Day Rate is for the two travel days.

If you really want to get it close, let's say the client left town at 6am. Give them the whole day since they, most likely didn't eat breakfast at home. (I know I don't eat at 3am when I get up to leave at 3:30am). But, let's say they left on an 11am flight. Skip Breakfast and either use the Half-Day or add the Lunch and Dinner rates to get your rate for that day. Same way with the day they return.

Now, what if they take clients out and the bill is like $300? Use the receipt for that but they have to list the names and business purpose of the M&E.

Nope.....receipts are only required for Lodging.

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