We offer discounts on the whole of the invoice, not just on an item.

May we suggest to have the ability to decrease a bill by % or $ on the total?


  •[email protected] Posts: 177 admin

    Hi @Angie_the_EA,

    The best way to offer a discount to the entire invoice would be to either apply a % to each line item or make one line item equal the entirety of the invoice and discount that one line item while labeling all other line items as $0.

    Obviously neither of those are optimal so I will create a feature request for you in order to improve the efficiency of this feature.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • Thanks, Rob! We appreciate your work on this.

  • pbtaxpbtax Posts: 7

    Is this going to be completed in the near future? We are trying to switch to Canopy billing but absolutely need to have a discount/deposit feature as we require deposits for setting an appointment and need to be able to deduct it from the final invoice. Please do this before the tax season begins!!!

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