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There isn't a category for this, but the notifications tab is KILLING me. This is the only way to keep track of what we have received without going into each individual client, pulling up the engagement and checking the client requests. Every time I mark read it scrolls all the way up, I wish I could just look at unread ones. Mark multiple as read. I keep them unread to know I need to go work on them - maybe being able to star them would be great as a to-do. There is a lot of opportunity here with just by adding some filters and making it more user friendly. Going through over 50 notifications because of bookkeeping, partnership returns and estimates is a huge time-suck.

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  • Hello @KBreckenridge,

    Thank you very much for your submission this morning. I can definitely see how we can improve this notifications tab in order to make your life easier. I have submitted your request to the correct team for evaluation. We appreciate your feedback on how we can make Canopy a better product.

    Have a great day!

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