Folders for clients - how to keep them organized when they upload

As Canopy doesn't allow our clients to create folders - how are we supposed to keep them organized? We have tons of pdf files for 2018, and with the 2019 tax season upon us, I'm panicking that they can't see a 2019 folder even if we make it for them. How do we let clients upload folders - and why can't they make their own folders? How does everyone handle this? It's a great portal but just has these shortcomings.


  • Hello @AmyCPA,

    This is the feature request area of the community. I have submitted this feature request for you to the appropriate team, however, if you are looking to receive answers from other practitioners, you may want to also post this in the "practice management section" :-)

    Thank you for posting today!

  • pbtaxpbtax Posts: 7

    This is a huge issue with all of our clients as well. We get many emails and concerns that they can't make their own folder. It doesn't bother me, of course, but it is something we hear of often.

  • brielle_ptaxesbrielle_ptaxes Posts: 22 ✭✭

    i like that i can save and rename the clients files myself, my clients wouldnt have a clue where to properly save things.

    However i do find it frusterating that i cannot save the files to a PDF before i move them or not move/save them if the file is completely worthless to me.

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