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Calendar Sharing

hoveecpahoveecpa Posts: 2

My biggest motivator for using Canopy is scheduling & workflow, and unfortunately even after 20 hours of support communications this past tax season, our calendars are STILL not shared/synced. We use Outlook and only have two people in the office so there is no special nuisance to our situation. Can there not be a Canopy calendar that is unrelated to your email provider for situations like these? Ultimately we have to use backdoor methods to see each each other's schedules, and it really hurts recurring workflow items/notifications because they are not shared unless we do an invite to Outlook which means we are ultimately using Outlook as the real practice management software. I'll reiterate that countless support professionals looked at our situation and were unable to deduce why the calendar visibility is STILL not there. Happy to hear any input, this really is a deciding factor for me moving forward with a practice management software into 2019 tax season.

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Duplicate idea.


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