3rd Party App integration

MercieDMercieD Posts: 3

Not sure it's already there, but it would be cool if we can import from QuickBooks (desktop or online) or Xero into the business returns.

Also from expense apps like Expensify into the schedule C.

This may make a difference...


  • rob.holcombe@canopytax.com[email protected] Posts: 129 admin

    Hello @MercieD,

    We have been working with Zapier and have been able to develop connections with Quickbooks to import contacts. At this point that is all that can be exchanged, but we are researching other potential uses through that platform.

  • MercieDMercieD Posts: 3

    I'm looking at possibly using Canopy to prepare taxes next season and have a lot of business returns for clients that use QuickBooks. The software I currently use can import GL data into the return. Wolters Kluwer (ATX, ProSystem) and Intuit (ProSeries, Pro Connect and LaCerte) have these capabilities. At this point, I have to weigh that into my decision as to what I use next season (whether to stay with my current software or using Canopy for personal and PRS version of current software for Corporate.)

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