Tax Resolution - Focused Topics

1040x with Audit Reconsideration Request [Audits] (2)
If a person incurred debt before marriage do they have to base fm 656 on spouse info? [Offer In Compromise] (2)
Taxpayer in jail, how to file OIC [Offer In Compromise] (2)
How do you typically account for your OIC fees? Also IRA value question [Offer In Compromise] (4)
Required Initial Offer [Offer In Compromise] (2)
Does First Time Abatement eligibility change if paying off an earlier year balance? [Penalty Abatements] (3)
Innocent Spouse where Taxpayer paid amount due to Get liens released [Innocent Spouse Relief] (3)
Offer In Compromise Declared in Default and Terminated [Offer In Compromise] (4)
Oic after tax court appeals review [Audits] (5)
Calculating Monthly Income/Expense on 433 [Currently Non-Collectible] (2)
One offer or two if the business went from partnership to sole prop [Offer In Compromise] (5)
Minimum Offer for Offer in Compromise [Offer In Compromise] (14)
How to handle non-liable spouse who pays all household, RE expenses? [Offer In Compromise] (2)
OIC-Does IRS request updated info while processing? [Offer In Compromise] (7)
How to handle payment plan when 2015 & 2016 TR not yet Filed [Installment Agreement (Payment Plans)] (3)
Using First time penalty abatement from past liabilities for a future tax liability [Penalty Abatements] (6)
Installment Agreement [Installment Agreement (Payment Plans)] (3)
Transcript Review for First Time Abatement (FTA) Codes [Penalty Abatements] (1)
Form 433-A vs Form 433-F for Payment Plans. Which one? [Installment Agreement (Payment Plans)] (3)
SFR"S on OIC impact on state OIC programs [Offer In Compromise] (2)
OIC vs. currently uncollectable [Offer In Compromise] (3)
Is it more likely than not that my offer will be rejected if I offer an amount less than what the software generated? [Offer In Compromise] (6)
Letter from Dr for medical cause penalty abatement [Penalty Abatements] (3)
Penalty Abatement [Penalty Abatements] (3)
How do I calculate OIC for an unemployed client? [Offer In Compromise] (4)
Penalty Abatement and Installment agreements [Penalty Abatements] (4)
IRS Standards in OIC Application [Offer In Compromise] (2)